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Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of traditional dances, music performances, workshops, and classes.

Bringing Cultures Together Through Dance and Music

At JHP Cultural & Diversity Legacy, we are dedicated to sharing the beauty of diverse cultures through the universal language of dance and music.

Through our performances, workshops, and community events, we aim to create a space where people from all backgrounds can come together to learn, share, and embrace cultural diversity.

Immerse yourself in captivating performances that showcase the vibrant tapestry of global traditions.

Expand your horizons through workshops and classes that offer unique insights into different cultures.

9th Annual Multicultural Heritage Festival

The Multi-Cultural Heritage Festival is a community-based initiative designed to involve people from all segments of the community. This festival celebrates traditional dance and music with live performances from the JHP Cultural Group, JHP Band, Alchemy Tap Project, Saeeda Wright, Herencias Mexicanas, Hokulani’s Hula, Professional Poet Jamee “JAM” McAdoo, and other diverse groups. The festival will feature storytelling, rhythms, movements, and songs, engaging attendees to explore the connections between rhythms, life, and humanity.

Events & Activities

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Traditional African Dance Workshop

The traditional dance workshop is focused on pure African traditional dances with indigenous movements, such as ‘Fontomfrom’ from Ghana, which is typically performed only for royalty, and ‘Gota’ from Nigeria, a celebration of rich life. We focus on gestural movements of traditional African dances. We do this in partnership with Drummer Yaw Amponsah, Muhammed Siliga (Senegal) and DC Productions (Gambia).

Folk Music & Spoken Words Workshop

Folk music and spoken words focuses on the folk music genre originated in Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria and Kenya. Participants learn original folk songs like ‘Akonodey”, Adaawe, Simpa, Agbaja, Gome. These songs accompany drumming performances.

By the Fire Side Drum & Dance Workshop

‘By the Fire Side’ is a name derived from our ancient way of telling stories to community members when there was no light but rather the brightness of the moon and stars during the night. We share stories of “Ananse” and traditional dance called “Adowa” (antelope) which tells how the spider and many other forest animals came to be. This is done in collaboration with Okropong, a Ghanaian dance and music group from Portland.

Traditional Drumming Workshop

With various rhythms around the world, JHP’s African drumming workshops teach complex and symbolic drum notations and tones coupled with different rhythms. The beauty about this is the uniqueness in how a drum dictates the movement of a dancer, as compared to counting steps of a dancer. This is to signify the essence of being rhythmic in various aspects of one’s cultural life. We don’t have a permanent place for this activity so we usually rent studios and drums for the attendees, as well as the performers.

Cultural Heritage Festival

For the last two years, JHP has organized a cultural, recreational, and educational event in July to celebrate diverse cultures for undeserved communities. In 2016, over 450 residents and visitors from the city of Shoreline, King County, and throughout Puget Sound enjoyed a variety of cultural performances. Traditional drumming and dances were performed by 6 groups, including 50+ community volunteers, and is on the way towards being the most celebrated cultural event in Shoreline. Performers included local talent from the city of Shoreline, UW African Dance troupe, and accomplished master percussionists Yaw Amponsah, from Ghana, and Thione Diop, from Senegal.

Traditional Dance & Drum Night on the Park

This event is aimed at promoting diversity and valuing each other’s’ culture and traditions. JHP invites members from different cultures within the community to provide various mini performances to enjoy and celebrate all cultures. It is an opportunity for community members to collaborate and get educated on different cultures around the world.
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Bringing Cultures Together Through Dance and Music

Through our unique traditional dances, music performances, workshops, and classes, we aim to bring people together to share and celebrate our diverse cultures.

Participant Experiences

What others have to say about their experiences

I had an amazing time learning traditional dances and connecting with people from different cultures. It was a truly enriching experience.

Emily Taylor Seattle

Attending the music performances organized by JHP was a delight. The talent and passion displayed by the performers were truly inspiring.

Carl Walker Shoreline